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Tandem Paragliding Malcesine Lake Garda

Frequent questions

What to expect BEFORE TAKE-OFF

Before taking off, your tandem pilot will brief you, explain what to expect during the flight and answer your questions about the flight. The pilot will help you to put on the harness and prepare the glider for the flight. At that point, once the GoPro camera is turned on to record your experience, we’re ready to fly!  Take off is 2 or 3 steps and we’re airborne!


Upon landing, at the end of the flight, you will be handed an SD-card with all of your flight footage made with the GoPro during the flight.  You’ll be given a certificate attesting to your flight experience will also be given to you.


Note: Prior to each flight, due to the variability of weather conditions, to ensure safe flying conditions and your good experience, the pilot has the right to postpone the flight if conditions are not safe to fly. You may reschedule your flight.


When can I fly? Can I fly all year?

Flying from Mount BALDO is available from April through October.

Flying from Mount BELPO is available year round

Can I change the date and time of a flight I’ve booked?

You can change the date and time of your flight with 48 hours advance notice.  Rescheduled flights are based on flight availability for the date and time requested.

What happens in bad or uncertain weather conditions?

Due to the variability of weather conditions and to provide a safe flying experience for you, we will contact you by text, as soon as possible, if we have to cancel your flight due to bad weather, typically at least the day prior to your flight. In case of uncertain weather conditions, we will notify you at least a couple of hours before the meeting time.

If the weather should become unsuitable once we are already in the air, the pilot will inform you that the flight has to be cancelled at which time you will be immediately flown to the landing zone.

What clothing is suitable for the flight?

Depending on the season, a different type of clothing is required.


Summer season: sneakers and a warm jacket


Intermediate season: sneakers, warm jacket, wind protection


Winter season: trekking shoes, gloves, warm ski jacket and pants.

Is tandem flying suitable for those with no flying experience?

Tandem flying is ideal for those who have never had similar experiences, as no particular aptitude or ability is needed: it will be enough to take a few steps running, following the instructions of the pilot, and you will already be airborne.

Are minors allowed to fly?

Minors must be accompanied by a parent.

Can I paraglide even if I am afraid of heights?

Yes, because in flight dizziness does not exist. People who are suffering dizziness usually only have problems when they stand on fixed landmarks. For example when leaning out of a balcony or when you are on the edge of a ravine.

How can I buy gift flights as present for someone else?

To book a flight as a present for someone, use our standard flight booking process. Once you purchase the gift flight and make the wire transfer payment, you will receive a purchase confirmation voucher that you can either directly print or send yourself by email. If you know the email address of your gift flight, you can also indicate his or her  e-mail and add a personal message.

Each voucher contains a code that will give the recipient the right to fly within 12 months of the date of purchase

Those who receive your gift will need to contact us to schedule their flight.


Is there risk when flying with the paraglider?

Flying in a two-seat paraglider is no more risky than any other sports activity. When practiced responsibly, with a trained and experienced pilot, with good technical and theoretical preparation, with certified material and in adequate weather conditions, the risk is minimized.

Do I need an insurance for tandem flying?

The passenger does not need a special insurance in order to go on a tandem flight. Our pilots are licensed and must have insurance to transport a passenger. That includes the obligation to have RC insurance that covers both damage caused to third parties and the passenger.

Is there an emergency parachute for the two-seater paraglider?

Yes. An emergency parachute is standard equipment on all of our flights.

It is very rare to have to use a rescue parachute when paraglider flying. It is even rarer to have to use it when flying with the tandem wing. A parachute remains an indispensable safety device to conduct the flight.

Is a medical certificate required for the tandem flight?

You do not need a medical certificate to fly with us as a passenger. However, it is essential that you are in a good health status.  If you have any specific health problems it is mandatory for you to communicate your health problems to your pilot BEFORE the flight. This is mandatory.

Who can practice tandem paragliding?

Almost anyone can enjoy a tandem paragliding flight. In fact, to be a passenger there are no physical abilities or special skills required. All you need is to be able to take a few steps (light run) in order to take off and land.

What are the weight/height limits?

Anyone between 30 kg and 100 kg can fly as a passenger. Paragliding equipment can carry a maximum total load of 190/220 kg (pilot, passenger, and the equipment). There are no special limits regarding your height.

How do I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your flight with 48 hours advance notice to us otherwise you will be charged for the flight.

Flight Cancellation Due to Weather Conditions

If a flight has to be cancelled due to poor weather conditions or other factors, the pilot will make a new appointment with you.


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Sarah Kastner
Sarah Kastner
Marine ist eine super sympathische Piloten, bei der man sich sofort wohl und gut aufgehoben fühlt. Durch ihre... liebevolle, freundschaftliche und geduldige Art - nahm sie meinem Freund (der Höhenangst hat) die Aufregung. Am liebsten wäre ich mit ihr noch Stunden weitergeflogen. Nochmal vielen lieben Dank Marine 😁☺️read more
Federico Tamburnotti
Federico Tamburnotti
Luogo meraviglioso, panorama spettacolare e, soprattutto, pilota SUPER! È stata un’esperienza fantastica da... ripetere appena possibile.. Un caro saluto Marine, a presto 🪂read more
Flow de la Fleur
Flow de la Fleur
Eine extrem gute Pilotin! Es ist einfach fantastisch mit ihr zu fliegen. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sicherheit -->... TOP Spaß --> TOP Erlebnis --> TOP ...einfach PERFEKT und empfehlenswert!!!read more
Sandra Nitsche
Sandra Nitsche
Grazie , carissima Marine🙏🏼 Es war ein wundervolles, entspanntes Flug Erlebnis mit einer tollen, sympathischen,... hübschen Marine 🙏🏼 Danke !! 😍 Wir sehen uns nächstes Jahr wieder !read more
Thomas Stradiotti
Thomas Stradiotti
È stata un’esperienza davvero indimenticabile, ho coronato un piccolo desiderio 🤩 Grazie e alla prossima 😘
Claire Clocharde
Claire Clocharde
Ho passato un pomeriggio splendido con Marine, una pilota davvero gentilissima e molto simpatica. Marine ha saputo ... mettermi talmente tranquilla e a mio agio che ho avuto la sensazione di volare da una vita!! Davvero un'esperienza da ricordare con una persona fantastica!! Da fare e rifare !!read more
Simone Pikovic
Simone Pikovic
Professionalità e simpatia... per vivere il sogno di volare letteralmente in un‘altra dimensione.
Pietro Massardi
Pietro Massardi
Quando il mio caro amico @MarcoBettinzoli ha visto il video mi ha chiamato entusiasta sostenendo che non mi aveva mai... visto così felice nella vita, come un bambino quando vede per la prima volta le caramelle!!! Grazie di ❤️ per il sogno che mi avete fatto vivere!!!!read more
Michele Feui
Michele Feui
Wow che dire!!?!? Esperienza fantastica, ti cambia la vita e la pilota è la numero 1 in assoluto, conto i giorni per... il prossimo volo ✈️ GRAZIE!!read more
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